Resolution problems.
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Resolution problems.

having a little problem with the game resolution.
found this on the steam forum.

"if it is not much of a hassle you could open:

with notepad and change

resolutionWidth: 1024
resolutionHeight: 768

To desired values. It also would make sense to set:
vSync: to True
and, if problem still there after that:
isFullScreen to False

Save, start the game again."

but couldn't find the file. do any of you have any idea on how to fix this??

please help me..

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RE: Resolution problems.
If the game has not started yet, the file will not exist.

If you're using Windows XP, the file will not be under 'c:\Users\...' but it will be under 'c:\Documents and Settings\...'

Could you describe the problem that you're trying to solve?
12-14-2013, 19:24,
RE: Resolution problems.
He is talking about this problem:

You guys completely forgot about steam forums :3
12-14-2013, 21:00,
RE: Resolution problems.
Oh.... that's a thing.

Thx Kein!! I'll go there now I guess...

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